February 14th, 2014

Why You Should be Using a Personal Fitness Trainer

There are an infinite number of ways one can attempt to get healthy, but there are only a handful of ways to do it correctly and make it last. One of the best and most proven ways is with the use of a personal trainer. Getting healthy can be broken down into two different aspects of eating right and exercising. A personal trainer will take you by the hand (not literally, but you never know) and guide you down both of those paths. “Personal trainers can be expensive though, why wouldn’t I just work out on my own?” is a legitimate question. A Google search on workout routines and healthy diets will bring you to more information than you could ever process. If you’ve ever made a failed new year’s resolution to be healthy then you especially know that information isn’t enough, and this article will detail why you should be using a personal trainer.

You Don’t Know Where To Begin

If you are new to the whole exercise thing then this is a given. You just don’t know what to do. Free weights? Cardio? Machine Weights? You walk into a gym and it’s overwhelming, you don’t know where to start. There’s a lot to be said about this because not knowing what you’re doing can lead to a few things. It can lead to hurting yourself, getting frustrated, doing unnecessary exercises, doing exercises incorrectly, and getting no results at all. All of those things quickly lead to giving up and no longer exercising.

You Need Motivation

Motivation is crucial when hitting the gym. If you work out alone it’s all too easy to show up to the gym in a low mood, do a couple of exercises and tell yourself that you’ve done your exercising for the day. With a personal trainer if you show up with no motivation they will completely change that by the second exercise. Countless times, in the middle of my workouts I have told my personal trainer that I hated him. He was making me do more work than I wanted to, but that’s the point. It’s good to hate your trainer during the workouts because you will love them for it afterwards. They will also be the person to get on you about eating bad. Someone’s got to if you’re serious about getting fit.

You Have a Specific Need

Are you training to lose weight? gain muscle? put on some weight? Maybe you want to strengthen your knee that you hurt years ago, maybe you want to train for a specific sport, maybe you have diabetes and you need a workout regime tailored to you. Whatever the goal is, there is a specific way of going about it. This is your trainers job and that is what they get paid for.

You Want To Learn How To Exercise On Your Own

This may seem backwards at first but you need to learn how to exercise correctly if you want to get results on your own. Tell your personal trainer what you want to accomplish and they will show you how to go about it, what exercises are best, and what equipment you should use. This is the argument against someone saying, “personal trainers are expensive.” Yes, some may be but this is your health we’re talking about and in the long run it is most likely going to be the best investment you’ll make in your entire life.

So, where can I find a personal trainer?

If you live in the Philadelphia area or South Jersey, come see us at vTrainers. Our Pennsylvania locations include Bala Cynwyd, Hatboro, and Wayne. New Jersey locations include Moorestown and Haddonfield. We offer personalized programs that are tailored to fit you perfectly.

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