Personal Training in Philadelphia & South Jersey Since 2001.

Way back in 2000, we got our start when founder Chris Bradley realized that many folks seeking personal training were not able to find inexpensive, individualized training close to home. Chris knew that, in order for his new personal training philosophy to work, he needed to:

  1. Provide inexpensive, non-gym-affiliated personal training programs.
  2. Allow the customer the freedom to choose when and at which gym they would like to be trained.
  3. Create a staff of personally selected personal trainers, who could be hand-matched to each client, based on individual needs.

Today, vTrainers has five personal training facilities in the Philadelphia region, including gyms in Bala Cynwyd, Wayne, PA, Hatboro, PA, Haddonfield, NJ and Moorestown, NJ. Our staff of 10+ trainers allows us to find the trainer you need to achieve your fitness goals.

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Programs & Approach

Each client at vTrainers pursues a custom program of personal training. (After all, it wouldn’t really be “personal” training if we applied pre-made programs to our individual clients now, would it?)

Here’s how it works:

  1. At your first session, we sit down with you and discuss your frustrations, goals and any personal limitations we need to know about before we begin training. Do you need to lose weight and increase stamina? Are you looking to gain mass and strength? Are you training for a 10K or other sporting event? Whatever the circumstances driving you to get in shape, we’ll bear those in mind as we develop a program.
  2. Based on what we learn from our interview with you, we’ll develop a set of recommendations and match those with one of our qualified personal trainers. vTrainers employs a variety of personal trainers, all of whom are unique in their approach to fitness. If you have preferences about what sorts of expertise or experience you’d like your trainer to have, we’ll consider those when we match you with a trainer.
  3. As you begin and continue your training, your personal trainer will be there to alter and fine tune your program, based on your response, schedule and changing needs. Training programs are not “set in stone.” We work with you to develop a lifelong approach to fitness that can grow as you grow.

Write us for a free, no-obligation certificate for two free sessions and get started today on your journey to a fitter you. »


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